Toni Kirkpatrick

Editor for Hire

I am an editor of fiction and nonfiction with more than ten years of experience at a major publisher.


The books I edited at St. Martin's received stellar reviews from trade publications, magazines, and newspapers. Below is a very short list of some of these reviews.


"Lovers of Agatha Christie and Jacqueline Winspear will enjoy this elegant murder mystery set on holiday at the English seaside....Love, jealousy, and revenge are tangled together in this smart and sophisticated British mystery reminiscent of the genre's golden age."October 2014 LibraryReads List on Murder at the Brightwell by Ashley Weaver

“Author Syken, a veteran Sports Illustrated editor, nails the pro-football milieu. His mystery is also spot-on. He engages a moody, lonely protagonist in a very complex mystery…. This is the very best sports-themed mystery in years and a robust debut novel. Don't miss it.”—Booklist (starred review) on Hangman's Game by Bill Syken

"Miller's debut amuses but also slices into the heart of a proud region...Easy to read, shot with romance, and full of country aphorisms, this book succeeds both at puzzling and moving readers emotionally."—Library Journal (starred mystery debut of the month) on Murder and Moonshine by Carol Miller

"Those of us who worship Sue Grafton and her Alphabet Series of mysteries starring Kinsey Millhone have gone into pre-mourning, as the end is nigh…Let us praise the literary gods, then, that a worthy successor has arrived with Austin author Minerva Koenig and her debut novel, the funny, scary and devilishly twisty Nine Days. In all my gazillion years of reading Kinsey Millhone stories, I've never come across a female character with half the gumption, guts and "I just don't care" sass that Kinsey exudes. That is, until Julia Kalas, the whip-smart, witty, unconventionally attractive ex-money launderer at the heart of Nine Days….If all is right with the world, that'll just be the first of many, many Julia Kalas adventures."The Dallas Morning News on Nine Days by Minerva Koenig

"Sometimes, a crime novel grabs you on the first page with its plot. Sometimes, it's the writing. Rarely is it the author's background. But in 'Cuts Through Bone'..., Alaric Hunt hits the trifecta in his debut....A work of keen originality by a writer of profound power."—Richmond Times-Dispatch on Cuts Through Bone by Alaric Hunt

"Readers of this debut set in Edwardian England will feel as though they've stepped into an episode of Downton Abbey, complete with murder and intrigue upstairs and downstairs… Incorporating exquisite period detail into her well-mannered mystery, Arlen offers readers an engaging peek into the lives of upper and lower classes of early 1900s England combined with a little history interspersed."Library Journal on Death of a Dishonorable Gentleman by Tessa Arlen

"Funny and sexy, with a teasing mystery. Janet Evanovich fans will find Charbonneau’s debut a good fix while they’re waiting for Stephanie Plum’s latest."Kirkus Reviews on Skating Around the Law by Joelle Charbonneau

"Colucci's suspense-novel debut is a frightening combination of well-researched science and scenes of pure horror. ...Full of suspense and intrigue, The Colony will especially appeal to fans of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and the like."—Booklist on The Colony by A.J. Colucci


"In this evocative debut novel, a 12-year-old girl narrates the story of her family's life in a mining town where the very bowels of the earth are ablaze. Brigid Howley is as unforgettable as Francie in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and hands down this is the best novel of 2014."Providence Journal on The Hollow Ground by Natalie S. Harnett (Winner of the John Gardner Fiction Book Award)

“’This Time Tomorrow’ [is] the naturalistic, deeply empathetic tale of a forklift driver, Gilbert Gaeta, and his quest to fulfill his modest vision of the American immigrant dream, with his girlfriend, Joyce, and willful 13-year-old daughter Ana in tow. Threading his lyrical prose…with the hyper-realistic particulars of daily life, Jaime-Becerra elevates his struggling East L.A. Everyman to heroic heights. If John Cheever or William Trevor had spent their early careers living and typing away in a bungalow in the San Gabriel Valley, absorbing its sensations and getting to know its residents, this might be the result.”—The Los Angeles Times on This Time Tomorrow by Michael Jaime-Becerra (Winner of an International Latino Book Award)

“[A] compelling debut…Beautifully told by Llanos-Figueroa, this is an unforgettable saga of the magical beliefs binding one family for generations.”Booklist on Daughters of the Stone by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa (Finalist for the PEN/Robert Bingham Fellowship for Writers)

“Treger’s writing flows easily and the book is impeccably researched, making this an enjoyable read. Dorothy Richardson may not be a household name, but Treger’s novel does a fine job of showing just how compelling her life was in this novel full of passion, history and literature.”—Kirkus Reviews on The Lodger by Louisa Treger


"Jefferson's intoxicating first novel superbly draws readers into the mischief and maneuverings, loyalties and treacheries, and lust and hostility of powerful 17th century kings and scheming court sycophants....this is an exciting, solid debut. "Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Girl on the Golden Coin by Marci Jefferson

"Amid the glamorous intrigues of the 16th-century French court, Marguerite de Valois, the youngest Medici daughter, deftly balances secret escapades and public duties... Perinot matches the rhythm of Margot's life to the political storms: as the battles escalate, so do the perils of love and lust. A riveting page-turner skillfully blending illicit liaisons and political chicanery."―Kirkus Reviews on Médicis Daughter by Sophie Perinot

“Ontario-dwelling Marissa Campbell’s debut, Avelynn, is a must-read for Diana Gabaldon fans – but also for anyone in the mood to escape into an enchanting, romantic world vividly portrayed…Campbell writes about Alrik and Avelynn’s star-crossed love affair in a gorgeous, breathless manner that should cement her status as a Canadian author to watch.”―The Globe and Mail on Avelynn by Marissa Campbell


"Ferrer understands the drive that consumes aspiring artists and athletes, and she conveys this single-minded absorption with charm and intensity. All three teens are likable, even lovable, and readers will empathize with their difficult choices. The story effectively depicts the excitement of performance, the intrigue of one girl traveling among 150 boys, Jonathan and Soledad’s steamy romance, and Taz’s courtly pursuit. Beautifully written, with contemporary characters and an engaging story line, it lacks only the promise of a sequel to make it complete."Booklist on When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer (Winner of an International Latino Book Award)


"Compulsively readable... Readers will find these gals great company, and Padilla’s second outing is a rollicking good ride with plenty of flare and heart."Booklist on Girls from the Revolutionary Cantina by M. Padilla